Better understand your users

using powerful iOS in-app questions

Get in touch with users

Asking in-app questions was never easier! Learn about:
  • Things your users want
  • Problems they have
  • Features they suggest

Instant feedback

Create new questions and receive first feedback in a matter of minutes.
Users shouldn’t do anything to see a question, just using your app.

Total flexibility

Use powerful filters to fine tune who and when will see your questions.
Question can be shown at any time that developer wants it to be shown

Easy to use

The integration process is simple.
It's like adding mobile analytics into your app or even easier.

What's Glazum?

Glazum is a simple and effective tool for collecting feedback from your iOS users and asking them any question you like at any moment you wish!

Comparing to traditional tools (like AppStore comments or e-mails) Glazum gives you an unprecedented level of control and flexibility. Just create a new question, bind it to a marker in your app and decide who and when is going to see it. All answers get collected and processed automatically.

Why you should use Glazum?

  • Glazum will help you make your app better:
    • With one question you can decide what feature should be developed next.
    • You'll find unknown problems and difficulties that you users are facing.
  • Glazum will give you a chance to better understand your users: you can just ask. Like "What's the biggest influence on your purchase decision?" or "What could we change to make you want to purchase A?".
  • Consequently, Glazum will help you increase your revenue and users' loyalty.