How does Glazum work?

Simple overview is this:

  • iOS app loads all questions each time it becomes active. Size of all questions rarely exceeds a few kilobytes, so it doesn’t take much time and traffic.
  • Questions are saved locally, and thus can be shown even without internet connection.
  • If user answers a question without internet connection, the answer will be saved and send to Glazum backend later. Or, if the device is online, answer is sent immediately.
  • Glazum backend collects the answers, groups them by application id and presents them in the dashboard.

What if I have multiple questions bound to a single marker?

If there are several questions for a single marker, only one will be shown at a time. Others will be shown when user reaches marker again

Why are questions shown only once (even if the user closes it without answering)?

Questions might be a little bit distractive, so it's very important not to “be evil”. Therefore each question is shown only once to the user. Even if the user closes it without answering. Yes, we know that someone might answer next time, but we believe that in general asking more than one time hurts, not helps.